Human Resource Management

As your On Call / On Task HR Manager we work with you to create highly productive and enjoyable relationships with staff

As specialists we see the potential of your business locked up in staff. The key is how to unlock it? You can't do everything yet how to tap into the potential of staff while your focus and efforts get taken up on the day to day running of your business is a dilemma most employers grapple with.

We support employers and recognize that perhaps one of the greatest issues management face, is the litigious exposure from poor recruitment, loose contract negotiation and unclear performance expectations. As well, staff who operate with deep resentments, defensive actions and feel their personal security is rightly or wrongly, at risk, can undermine organisational performance and success. In the current climate of skill shortage, there is also a very real risk associated with loosing great staff and we provide strategies to retain great staff.

The 'employment experience' is our heartland and comprises seven generic elements:-
  1. Culture
  2. Recruitment
  3. Induction
  4. Employment
  5. Performance
  6. Development
  7. Departure
In addition to the above seven elements, employers have peace of mind knowing the minefield of associated industrial legislation and compliance obligations are competently handled.

We work with you to 'set people up to succeed'. From 2 to 200+ staff our systems will develop and improve -
Culture - aligning vision, values and goals
Recruitment - that incorporates everything needed to 'set people up to succeed'
Employment Agreements with a range of policies and a fully documented Disciplinary Process
Position Agreements that incorporate role definition, expected results and performance measures
Performance Review and Performance Management strategies
Career Development and Personal Development

Having your own on call / on task human resource manager is the most cost effective way to create a work environment that provides job satisfaction and ultimately retention of happy, fulfilled staff who can achieve organizational goals.

Research & Insight

Employee Satisfaction Surveys and / or Climate Surveys conducted by Pohlenkean are reliable barometers as to the effectiveness of your current human resource management practices.

Pohlenkean offer a no-nonsense, 10 minute survey that can be delivered by email, web or hard copy from just 5 staff members.

Take the time to test the barometric pressure in your organization. It is as simple as saying "yes" right now.